AS CHV GmbH is a medium-sized enterprise in the supply industry whose products are used in the rail vehicles domain. On this homepage you will learn more about our range of services.

In the field of rail vehicle technology we offer a wide range of products which meet the highest quality standards.

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AS CHV GmbH is a medium-sized company in the supply industry whose products are used in the rail vehicle domain.

Having been a long-standing part of a system supplier, the company was set up anew as an independent organisation in December 2010. In October 2021 the AS CHV GmbH has taken over the businessoperations of CHV GmbH within the scope of an asset deal.

By linking up with AS Hötten Industries GmbH (also geographically) we are now able to put forward a comprehensive product range. Given our long-standing experience as a supplier of sanding systems, foot pedestals, mirror systems, heating systems, steps and ramps, we intend to expand these activities further in the future together with our customer services.

Now that we can work side by side with AS Hötten Industries GmbH, we have at our disposal versatile working possibilities, such as machining, various welding procedures and development services, which we intend to use to strengthen our market position in the future.