Sand dispensers

Sand dispensers on rail vehicles are generally used to increase the adhesive friction between the wheel and the rail. This is influenced to a major extent by the quality and quantity of the abrasive material which is dispensed and actually remains on the rail. AS CHV recommends the use of braking sand to TL 918 224 (DB specification).

The AS CHV sand dispenser works on the ejector principle. The abrasive material required (sand) is carried along in the sand hopper and conveyed using compressed air through the sand hose to the sand dispensing nozzle and onto the rail.

The compressed air is provided by a small 24 V DC compressor.

The sand hopper can be charged both from inside the vehicle and from outside. For external charging a sand charging flap can also be supplied as an option. There are appropriate installation housings available for installing the sand charging flap in the side wall of the vehicle.

The charging of the sand hopper must proceed without pressure.

The sand hopper has an air feed to guarantee the ejector function. Through this air feed any possible excess pressure arising in the hopper is reduced at the same time.

The bottom area of the sand hopper is funnel-shaped. The angle of repose of the sand has been taken into account in this contour; this ensures optimum sand flow and effective removal of residual material from the hopper.

Inspection windows and/or electronic level sensors can be provided to monitor the filling level.

The AS CHV sand discharge is mounted on the hopper bottom. In the sand discharge the flowing air takes up the sand and transports it through the sand hose to the sand dispensing nozzle. The sand discharge is available in a heated version.

The sand dispensing nozzle consists of a cast aluminium structure which is shaped in such a way that any clogging by dirt is largely prevented. To safeguard the sand dispensing nozzle against icing up a heating cartridge is provided for. The cable of the heating cartridge is secured by a protective hose to prevent damage.


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